Zadkom works on train there orphans and the children of there poor families by Implementing many summer courses and clubs to create a good generation

together we can provide the poor, needy and the orphan’s families with sufficient quantity of bread

Science is the light of life ... Donate Now to give every child the chance to learn

Goodness spreads when we do Zakat .Donate and make a difference

many poor family waiting Al_udhia every year .....Make their happiness

Sponser An Orphan in Jordan

Zadkom guarantee many orphans .and 150 orphan still waiting your support

Facts & Figures

Orphan Custody
Students Custody
Students Custody
Poor Custody
Food Package


Learning is the first step to ensure them a brighter future.

News & Activities

Meet the sponsor with families of our Association and provide a cash gift for 15 family.

Zadkom for Relief and Development offers many programs and lectures to support mothers of orphans or women from poor families, we represent many

Zadkom Association launches the summer club programs for children during the summer vacation to enable their abilities, which contains the following

Our Projects

كفالة الأسر الفقيرة

We do not forget the poor families that need our help Zadkom wants to make a good life for them

As we know the first word that came to our prophet in a Qur’an is "read". Therefore, our mission was

Developmental Projects Tutorial classes The Project serves the orphans, poor families and community

توزيع مشروع زيت وزعتر

in this project we want to Provide our families and orphan with traditional morning meals Oil and

AL-Insan:Verse 8: "And they feed, for the love of Allah, the indigent, the orphan, and the captive,"

توزيع مشروع الشتاء

when the winter come , there is a need for a means that drives the cold and causes warmth, but our