Our program focus on the various social groups such as :

children, women, young and the elderly people  through a program of human development,  we try to create job  for young people, empowerment of women, childcare, using modern technical tools, and relying on a group of volunteers specialized in technology and development.



Zadokm was starting implementing the handicraft project since it was founded. This project contain

محاضرات صحية

Zadcom for relief and development organized health education lectures as part of its health program

This project specially for women. It employ them permanently or temporarily in a equipped place to

Developmental Projects Tutorial classes The Project serves the orphans, poor families and community

Latest News & Activities

Zadcom Association for relife and development perform a free medical day under the auspices of chairman of the association Kamel Al-Barghthe, in

zadcom launches new website under standards of evaluating websites. The design of our web site allows you to browse the site across different devices