Through the Sponsorship and Support Program, Zadkom Charity seeks to:

Help poor, sick families, the elderly, and people with special needs, in addition to Take care of orphan

By providing them with what they need, whether in cash or in kind.

Objectives of Sponsorship and support program:

Enriching families who are in need and protecting them from illegal ways to earn a living

Assist and care patients, whether elderly or special needs.

Providing medical supplies such as medicines and motor aids.

Groups of people who Beneficiaries

  • From our program.

  • Families of orphans.

  • Poor families.

  • People with special needs.

  • Local community.


المساعدات الصحية

The Association provides to people with needs that are not benefited from the free medical insurance

This project follow up the department of guaranty orphans through doing studies and registering them

Zadkom always interests in the childhood category. Our charity worked to prepare the appropriate

As we know the first word that came to our prophet in a Qur’an is "read". Therefore, our mission was

كفالة الأسر الفقيرة

We do not forget the poor families that need our help Zadkom wants to make a good life for them