Zadcom Association for Relief and Development , in cooperation with Life-International Foundation

المساعدات الصحية

The Association provides to people with needs that are not benefited from the free medical insurance

توزيع مشروع رمضان

During Ramadan, special food packages are distributed to families in need in Jordan . Zadcom

توزيع مشروع زكاة المال

Zadkom Association implemented the Zakat project: For families living below the poverty line and

توزيع مشروع جبنة الربيع

when the spring season begins the cheese of all kinds also begins , we know it is one of the most

This project follow up the department of guaranty orphans through doing studies and registering them

Zadcom want to achieve there humanitarian goal by help poor families improve their living conditions

As part of the Sustainable Food Aid program: through partnership with TUA provides sustainable food

Zadokm was starting implementing the handicraft project since it was founded. This project contain

محاضرات صحية

Zadcom for relief and development organized health education lectures as part of its health program

Zakat ul-Fitr is a manifestation of solidarity and compassion between Muslims in the Blessed Ramadan

توزيع مشروع الشتاء

when the winter come , there is a need for a means that drives the cold and causes warmth, but our