This project follow up the department of guaranty orphans through doing studies and registering them in the association. Visiting them in thier homes to know thier own needs then we work to provide them.

What it means guaranteed orphans?

There are some standards used to determine the extent of need whom are up to 14 years old from the beginning of the guaranty and who is near to the association work.

How long is orphaned guaranty still?

The guaranty continues until the age of the orphan is18 years. If the condition of the poor families improved or the families moved to live outside of the Association's work, another orphan could be able to benefit from the last guaranty.

How do you follow up the condition of the orphan?

 the guarantor can know the health, social and educational conditions of the orphan by a report from the Association includes the last conditions of him, his photo and a grateful letter to the guarantor.

If the guarantor want to meet the orphan the Association make it easy and take him to the guarantor’s home. 

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