The Association provides to people with needs that are not benefited from the free medical insurance. The people who are not entitle to benefit from all the services that are in need of all the services at discounted prices.

The project offers some small appliances; as diabetes and blood pressure screening and pressure, and some motor aids and beds and wheelchairs for the disabled.

Our objectives of the health assistance project:
  •  Drug service is unavailable or available, but the price is expensive and used for a long time.

  • Supply of prosthetic devices or diagnostic supporting aids.

  • Health awareness and education people

  • Preventive service and provision of vaccinations.


The association provide  patients who are unable to purchase medications, medical devices ,supplies they need, and who are unable to afford the treatment. The cases benefiting from the association are accepted by presenting the patients' papers transferred from charities  to a medical committee composed of consultants and specialists. Medical specialties to study to  evaluate their health status  to determine the appropriate assistance for each case with all accuracy and objectivity, based on the medical reports received from the approved governmental and private medical centers.

groups  of people  get benefit from  this project are:
  • Elderly patients.

  •  People with special needs

  •  Diabetics

  • Stroke patients.

  • People with chronic heart disease.