We do not forget the poor families that need our help Zadkom wants to make a good life for them. 

Families that have very low income, families that depend on national aids, families that have disable person or diseased person and families that don't have a national number suffered from difficult economic life besets.

The Social research department does studies and researches to get a required documents by a connection with concerned partners, field visits and coordination with effective institutions that have the same field.

What do we Distinguished:

We distinguished with access to the root of the problem and solve it completely then the families can continue there life without any obstructions. Rehabilitation the members in the developmental projects which related to the society. Also it provides jobs to them.

How do you guarantee poor?

 - Guaranty poor person by 35 JD monthly.

 - Guaranty poor family by 100 JD monthly.

 - Guaranty disabled person by 50 JD monthly.